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you might want a balance board to...

  • increase performance in any sport and fitness.
  • improve your body.
  • simulate any boards' movement (e.g. surf, snow, etc.)
  • have a whole lotta fun, wherever and whenever...
  • ...because they are respected for...
  • balance, agility & proprioception
  • core strength & stability
  • sculptured body
  • joint strength
  • injury reduction and recovery
  • and be a whole lotta fun
  • amongst other things...
  • ...for over 50 years. more. more.
    ...or go to benefits.

    ...and CoolBoard is better because...
  • it extends the training advantages and fun factor over other balance boards.
  • because its free floating on a ball - not a pivot or roller.
  • Rock and roll - no limits on movement.
  • Kept safe by our specifically shaped patented ring.
  • New design for 2012...
  • Hand made in Bristol, UK, by our skilled hands...
  • ...from high quality sustainable birch ply.
  • 4 durable layers of eco friendly laquer, with graphics sandwiched safely between.
  • Variety of grip-tape colour to tailor your CoolBoard to you.
  • more. more.
    ...or see the styles. ...or find out about us.

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    CoolBoard is an advanced balance board. A balance board can help you, whether you run around a pitch for kicks, surf, snowboard, don't wanna get injured, need to recover from injury, practice martial arts, or just wanna be better, and have a lot a fun at the same time.

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    ...the fun and effective way to increase balance and core strength

    A balance board is a training device that can improve the balance, core stability, core strength and proprioceptor work of the user - and be a lot of fun. Balance boards have been used and respected in general sports training and physiotherapy for over 50 years now, and balance boards make great movement simulators for the multitude of board sports - surfing, snowboarding, mountain boarding, kite surfing, wake boarding, skating, for example.

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    Until now, all balance boards had their movement limited in some way - CoolBoard does not. The use of a ball means CoolBoard not only rocks toe to heal as well as foot to foot, but CoolBoard also rolls in all directions as well. This makes it the beast of balance boards when it comes to movement - rock and roll.

    ...drastically increasing training benefits and fun factor

    You might be thinking - surely I'm just gonna roll right off that ball. Well here's the magic of CoolBoard's unique, specifically shaped ring. It runs around the underside of CoolBoard, providing a lip for the ball to stop against. It took a lot of CoolBoard riding to get this ring right - plenty of play area, nice carve sections front and back, useful end zones under each foot, with a smooth transition between - and this is what gives CoolBoard its unique ride.

    To enable this play area to by maximised, while still keeping you safe, CoolBoard comes in three sizes (click to see), each tailored for a range of foot sizes. So long as your foot is within this range (or bigger) you will be able to run the ball the whole way around the ring or anywhere in-between safely, knowing you can still pull it back.

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    New design for 2012...

    Every CoolBoard is still made in our workshop in Bristol, UK, by our own skilled hands. Environmental issues are high on the list, and we're becoming greener all the time. You only have to touch a CoolBoard and any of the other balance boards out there to realise the extra mile we always go to to give you a balance board that is a joy to own. It will look a lovely piece of kit just sat against the living room wall.

    ...beautifully hand crafted by us in Bristol from quality sustainable materials

    The decks:

    CoolBoard is made from engineers quality Birch plywood, which is forest friendly. There is a lot of rubbish ply out there, and the stamps don't guarantee quality anymore, so we were happy when we found a supplier we are happy with. Each sheet and then each board is hand checked at several stages of manufacture to ensure quality.


    Each and every CoolBoard is finished to a very high standard using 4 layers of hard wearing environmentally friendly lacquer, and will look beautiful for many years to come if looked after, and should last for many even if not.


    CoolBoard's grip-tape range allows you to tailor your CoolBoard to your use, whether for fitness or tricks, and fashion sense. Click grip-tape to see the choice.

    Inflatable Balls:

    The ball is one of the most critical parts of CoolBoard, most balls do not roll well under the weight of a person. Our Original Package comes with an inflatable ball made by Molten. After much searching we found Molten to be the only ball manufacturers that make a ball strong enough for the job. Inflatable balls are great because you can adjust the pressure and thus the speed of ride and they are affordable. You will need a pump for the inflatable balls as they need a little pump every week or two to keep the pressure right, and they will wear out over 6 months - 2 years. Inflatable balls are available separately in our shop.

    Pro Balls:

    We developed our Pro Balls for the professional market - Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, and Coaches. Our Pro Balls are made from solid polyurethane and so never need pumping, last a life time, and best of all give an unparalleled consistent smooth silky movement. We supply Pro Balls in 3 sizes and 2 grades - the Standard Pro Ball which is suitable for most users, and our Quickness Pro Ball for those want to push their balance skills even further. Size wise - the 6.5 inch is generally our best ball for balancing and exercises. The 5 inch ball provides the same silky movement for balancing but it's a little close to the ground for some exercises (some people have a 5 inch for balancing, and an Inflatable Ball for the exercises). The 4 inch is so close to the ground the CoolBoard can catch the ground as you move... its only for careful rehab work, or for attempting new tricks.

    Balance Disc:

    Physiotherapists love the benefits of training on the ball, but found it too advanced for some users, so we introduced our Easy Start Balance Disc which is used in place of the ball. The disc keeps the tilt movement but stops the roll movement, very similar to a wobble board but with two advantages - a wider more natural stance leading to better hip flexion, and its adjustable. The disc is inflatable so the amount of movement can be adjusted, from just a centimetre from the ground giving just a few degrees of tilt making it completely safe for anyone able to stand, all the way to 6 inches from the ground giving almost 45 degrees of tilt and introducing a small amount of safe roll.

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    Buy now, complete with training ball plus riders ball

    Buy now, complete with training ball plus riders ball

    Buy now, complete with training ball plus riders ball

    r u on the ball...                                                             patents: GB2439220 and PCT/GB2007/002245