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CoolBoard Packages - all you need to get going...

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 Packages are chosen by the ball you want, and all come with:

hand made in Bristol, UK - from sustainable wood, with recycle globe full stop pay with confidence with paypal - all major credit cards accepted

                           •  Medium or Large CoolBoard with choice of colour

                           •  Your choice of ball

                           •  7 Step Workout Wall Chart

                           •  Optional Easy Start Disc

                           •  24 hour delivery to most mainland addresses

                           •  Free p&p to UK mainland and NI

                           •  21 day no quibble money back guarantee

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GripTape Colour

Select Size & Disc option
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GripTape Colour

ProBall Choice
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Select Size & Disc option
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GripTape Colour

ProBall Choice
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Want help choosing?

If you'd like some advice in deciding which excellent CoolBoard package to go for keep reading as we're here to help...

All packages come with the same CoolBoard, simply chosen by size (sizing info), in your chosen colour complete with your ball, (optional) Balance Disc and your first CoolBoard Quick Workout chart. Further workouts, exercises and accessories are available from us and will be added to periodically.

Which Package / Ball do I want?

This depends on what ball you want with your CoolBoard, which will depend on use and budget...

Inflatable Balls: Our inflatable balls make the original package affordable while giving all the benefits of CoolBoard use. The advantage of the inflatable ball is that you can adjust the speed of the ball by adjusting the pressure in the ball. You will need a pump, preferably with a pressure gauge, to pump up the balls and to keep them at the right pressure. Much like a bike tyre, the inflatable balls often need a little pump every few weeks and replacing every 6 months to 2 years.

Pro Balls: Our Pro Balls have been specifically developed for CoolBoard - they are superior to the inflatable balls. Never need pumping, will last a lifetime and best of all have an ultra smooth and consistent ride for life! They come in 3 sizes and 3 speeds - 'Slow', 'Standard' and 'Quickness'.

Size choice:

The 4inch (only available as an accessory) is really only for silly fun as its so low to the ground.

The 5 inch is a great riders (standing balance) ball but its a little close to the ground for some exercises.

The 6.5 inch is our best ball - it rides even better, and makes all exercises easier to get on with and a little more effective - our fav.

Speed of Pro Balls:

Our Standard Pro Balls give a speed of movement that most people are happy with - not too difficult to get the hang of while being challenging enough.

Our Quickness Pro Balls are firmer and bouncier. These balls provide a faster movement ideal for those who want to push their training limits. Due to the bounce they can also be used as advanced medicine balls.

Our Slow Pro Balls are softer and less bouncy. These balls provide a slower movement that requires deliberate inputs to get it moving - ideal for those who want to improve their balance in a more gentle way.

Its worth noting that the speed of movement of any ball will be slowed down by using it on a squidgy / soft surface - an exercise mat or bit of thick carpet, and sped up by using on a hard surface - laminate flooring. In this way you can alter the speed as you progress.

Do I want a Balance Disc?

While using CoolBoard with the ball gives unparalleled movement and so training benefits, in some situations it's good to reduce the movement - our Balance Disc does this perfectly making for a safe and easy start for anyone of any ability. Used in place of the ball, the Disc is inflatable so it can be adjusted, start low and progress until you are ready for the ball. Excellent for:

hand made in Bristol, UK - from sustainable wood, with recycle globe full stophand made in Bristol, UK - from sustainable wood, with recycle globe full stop
  • • an easy start for those not used to balance boards or balance training
  • • rehabilitation
  • • some specific small movement training
  • • fun physical development for children


Delivery info        

Postage: £10 p&p UK mainland. CoolBoard's credit crunch offer - Free P&P for all of our UK mainland customers - all other destinations please contact us.

Custom Packages: Please call or email if you would like a combination of our products not show here...

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